Marriage Mentor Training 


Christ-Centered Solutions has partnered with DARE TO BE DIFFERENT marriage mentoring to help train married couples to serve as mentors to other couples. In 2015 Dare to be Different partnered with Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, the author and founder of Love and Respect Ministries. Together with these two great ministries, we're blessed to offer their program to churches and other organizations as part of our ministry.

Dr. West can come to your church during a weekend conference or a two-night training seminar and lead your couples in the basics of marriage mentoring. During the training, your mentoring couples will learn new strategies and techniques to help couples in your congregation experiencing a crisis or needing premarital guidance. These new mentoring couples will become invaluable ministry assistants in your church or organization. To get started with Mentor Training in your church, please contact Dr. West for more information.

If you're a Christian couple and your church doesn't have this type of ministry, but you'd like to train to become mentors, please follow the Marriage Mentor Training button below to fill out the form and then pay the fee for training and materials. Dr. West or someone from Christ-Centered Solutions will then contact you to schedule your training.  

Question: "What if we're looking for a marriage mentor couple or we need premarital counseling; can you help us too?"

Yes, we can. If you're a mentee couple, whether you're already married or looking to get married, CCS can help. If you're a couple planning on getting married, please follow the Premarital Counseling button below and complete the paperwork.

For married couples looking for a mentor or seeking Biblical counseling, please go to our Forms Page to complete the CCS Information Form for Dr. West or Dr. Cashwell. Once your information is submitted, you're encouraged to visit our Appointment Page to set a time to meet with Dr. West or Dr. Cashwell in-office or online.