Biblical Counseling

In Office

Biblical Counseling is directed toward Christians who are struggling with a variety of issues, and who are seeking help and guidance from a biblical perspective. I meet with individuals and couples by appointment only. If you're seeking help please feel free to contact me by phone at (843) 744-1971, or by email at     

Online E-Meetings

There are times when individuals or couples need to meet but their location hinders them from coming to my office, so now we can meet online. Biblical counseling online is simply another way of meeting needs in the Body of Christ. To set an online appointment call (843) 744-1971 or email me at


I believe there are members in each local church who are gifted by God to provide pastoral care to others, and it's incumbent upon pastors to help equip these individuals. The truth is not all pastors feel up to the task and this is where I come in as a Biblical Counselor. I work with pastors and leaders to train their members who have the gift of shepherding.   

Premarital Counseling

Many pastors feel ill-equipped when it comes to providing biblically based premarital counseling to their members. Over the last 30 years I've counseled with numerous couples to meet their premarital needs. If this is an area of need for you please call me at (843) 744-1971 or email me at  

What is Biblical Counseling?