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A Christian way of thinking is not just thinking Christian thoughts, singing Christian songs, reading Christian books, going to Christian schools; it is learning to think about the whole spectrum of life from the perspective of a mind that has been trained in truth. – Alistair Begg

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Marriage & The Family from a
Biblical Worldview

The Devotional Soul Care Journal

The MIND Impact Daily Journal
By Dr. Melissa Mialnak & Dr. West

Marriage and The Family from a Biblical Worldview is an easy read for Christian couples who need encouragement. This book also serves as a conversation starter for small groups. Rod West has put together a resource with Christian couples already married and those considering marriage in mind. He draws from his 30+ years of experience as a pastor, Biblical counselor, and husband of 40-years.
The Devotional Soul Care Journal is a Christ-Centered Solutions biblical resource. It is designed as a 60-day devotional aid for those in need of encouragement and spiritual growth. The journal is arranged into twelve sections, God's Love, Loving Others, Worry & Anxiety, Faith, Depression, Forgiveness, Grief & Loss, Discouragement, Conflict, Hope, Truth, and Courage. Each section contains five days of study and journal entries along with quotes from several of Christendom's greatest pastors and teachers.
The MIND Impact Daily Journal is a tool to aid in the rest process. Learning to shut down our brains at the end of each day is difficult for many people. So, following a daily routine of shutting off the electronic world and putting pen to paper by journaling our thoughts, worries, joys, and plans for the next day can help us achieve the rest we need for better overall health. Dr. Milanak provides a "How to Use This Journal" on the second page and follows the encouraging words the Apostle Paul shared with the believers at Philippi... "think on these things."

My Sermon Notes Journal

Sermon Notes Journal For Youth

Sermon Notes Journal For Youth (Spanish)

My Sermon Notes helps to keep and organize notes you hear from pastors, evangelists, Bible teachers, or other speakers. Each section has a place for a sermon title, scripture text, speaker's name, three-note pages for each message, and best of all a large box at the end to sum up the Truth presented, the Principle, and Application from the text. My Sermon Notes is especially helpful if your pastor or teacher is following a particular series or Bible book.
The Youth Sermon Journal is perfect for both preteens and teens. This resource helps young listeners focus on Sunday’s message and weekly bible lessons with a fun and interactive format. Each section has three pages with a place for the focal passage, title, prayers, points, notes, questions, lesson learned, and applications. The Youth Sermon Journal is designed to help young people grow in their faith and walk with God.
The Sermon Notes Journal is meant to encourage younger Church attenders to practice keeping notes on messages and lessons they hear each week. In addition, the SNJ prompts the listener to stay engaged and follow along with the presentations of their Pastors and Bible teachers. An essential element in the notes section is a place to jot down questions for pastors, teachers, or parents concerning ideas or statements presented during the message or lesson.

El Diario de Notas del Sermón está destinado a alentar a los asistentes más jóvenes a la Iglesia a practicar tomar notas sobre los mensajes y lecciones que escuchan cada semana. Además, el SNJ incita al oyente a mantenerse comprometido y seguir las presentaciones de sus pastores y maestros de la Biblia. Un elemento esencial en la sección de notas es un lugar para anotar preguntas para pastores, maestros o padres con respecto a ideas o declaraciones presentadas durante el mensaje o la lección.